Contronik is a Specialist
Cable and Wire Supplier

  • Cable Assembly
  • Wire Finishing
  • Wire Kit
  • Specialist Cable
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About Us

Contronik Ltd was established in 1985 as a specialist cable and wire supplier servicing various sectors of industry. Areas of activity covered include Military application, consumer electronics, Auto industry together with a wide variety of specialist and individual customer applications.

Prime areas are cable & wire distribution, cable assembly production, wire finishing, wire kits & specialist cable manufacture. In addition, Contronik produce a wide range of bi-coloured equipment wires and cables, twisted pairs, triples and quads manufactured to order.

Should you have an application not covered within the website please contact us and we will be pleased to try and accommodate your requirement.

Contronik Ltd has ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems accreditation for;

Manufacturer and distribution of cable, wire and cable assemblies.